Here is where you can find the links for the Applique Master Control Module to control the Rear Applique project.

Here are some TMC Threads on the project:
Work on lighting lift gate applique begins
Light effects for TESLA letter on rear applique
Version 2 of the lighted rear applique soon to be available
Gen II rear lighted applique soon available: Gauging pre-producion interest

I've written a mobile app to control the Rear Applique via Bluetooth available for iOS and Android devices.

The iOS app now supports all the features of the Gen IV applique now shipping. The Android version for the Gen IV applique will be available soon.
Purchase iOS or Android Version $25:
A custom dowload link will be sent to you shortly after payment is received.

If you have any questions, please contact me as HankLloydRight on TMC or email: [email protected]. thanks!
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