Introducing 'EV Alert System' EVAS -- $199  

We completely redesigned the internals in order to add a real-time, speed-based Pedestrian Warning Sound to any Tesla or other Electric Vehicle
The new system is:

The device is entirely 'plug-and-play' and does not require any splicing, wiring, soldering, or assembly. You simply attach the power connector to the OBDII port in your car, and run the single power cable to your mounting location (detailed instructions are below). Then hook up the power to EVAS and the included USB powered speaker, and you're done. We've even included heavy-duty 3M dual-lock pads to attach EVAS to your car. Installation in a Tesla Model S or X takes about 15-30 minutes and only requires one plastic pry tool.

The device comes pre-loaded with 20 sounds to choose from (see video below). But you can remove the SD card an install any sounds you want.

Everything is included in the package:
The included USB speaker is loud enough for people nearby your car to hear. It is not loud enough to be heard by other drivers when driving. If you want a louder horn, you can easily add a larger amplifier and speaker as EVAS has a standard 3.5mm audio-out socket.

The iOS and Android mobile app allow you to control all aspects of the EVAS, including:
  • Play Tracks
  • Set Volume
  • Assign any track to any remote button (Learning function)
  • Assign any track to trigger when accelerating or decelerating (low speed)
  • Set 'Low' and 'High' speed limit for sound triggering/cutoffs
  • View live 'dashboard' for current speed, GPS reception, and telemetry
  • Change the Bluetooth Device Name
  • Debug Mode/Factory Reset
  • Additional features with free app updates
  • Main App Screen Set Volume Play Tracks Settings Remote Learning Dashboard

    Complete kit includes main module, 8 channel remote, 1-channel dash remote, OBDII power adapter, GPS antenna, powered USB speaker and all cables/connections:

    For each of the options below, please select how you want to power EVAS:

    Full production and shipping has now begun.

    Please order below. Orders are assembled by hand and shipped in the order received.
    Fully Assembled, Complete EV Alert System:
    5V Power Cable Option

    Click here for Model S and X Installation Instructions

    Here are all the sound clips installed on the EV Alert System by default -- you can add your own!
    Jetson's Car
    short beep-beep
    Bicycle Bell
    JAWS Theme
    Knight Rider/KITT
    Back to the Future #1
    Back to the Future #2
    Monty Python Gallops
    Ping Sound
    Windows Startup Sound
    Darth Vader: "The Power"
    Darth Vader - "Don't make me destroy you!"
    Darth Vader: "I have you now"
    Darth Vader: "Give Yourself to me"
    Darth Vader: (breathing)
    Peter Gunn Theme
    Acceleration Sound Illusion
    Deceleration Sound Illusion
    If you have any questions, please contact me as HankLloydRight on TMC or email: [email protected]. thanks!
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